plan wise, do wise Have you ever thought of having a software partner in life able to help you easily manage your tasks and those of your team?
what is needful

Needful is the new simple task management software designed in Europe to improve your work life as well as your team ones, helping people to be organized, efficient and effective.

List your to-dos along with those received from other users. Create your boards and participate in shared ones.

Manage your team, distribute activities and organize them from different points of view.

Personalize your Needful with pictures, themes and dashboards.

Go in depth into details of each task, collaborate with comments, notifications and attachments.


The simple task management software Needful offers a wide range of solutions: from my personal stuff to the project management for huge organisations, passing through the small teams teamwork. Use needful to organise your weekly agenda, get insight into your team's work, manage a project, create your sales pipeline, bug tracking, etc. Here you can find a couple of examples and inspiration for its adoption.

Needful simple task management software for projects

For Projects

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Needful simple task management software for team collaboration

For Teams

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Needful simple task management software to plan meetings

For Meetings

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Needful simple task management software to get organized at work

For Myself

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